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  • Which affiliates work with (free version)

    I've started building my blog on the free version of since it allows affiliate links. I know that Amazon Associates will work with this blogging platform, but so far I've been unable to locate any others that approve applicants who are using the free version. Do you know of any?

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    You have to be pretty careful about this one, Sarah, because the TOS says you can't set the blog up simply for the purpose of making money off affiliate links (or it says something like that). Make sure you're writing plenty of blog entries that have no affiliate links. Once you get your feet under you, I highly recommend moving towards the paid for model. It's worth it.


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      You can try other free solutions such as platform. you only pay the domain renewal fee. besides the blogger template is no less good than themes. You can search for blogger templates on the internet there are many free


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        Thanks for the advice guys! I get why so many choose to go with the paid version, but I want to get my feet wet before spending money on blogging. It could turn out to be a disaster and if so, at least it won't affect my family budget. I'll happily pay up if it goes well though. So far I'm enjoying blogging and affiliate marketing. I figure I'll switch to in three or four months if I still like doing this.


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          It's okay to get started with the free version of WordPress, but if you really are serious about building an affiliate marketing business, I highly suggest you get your own domain name and hosting.

          WordPress could take down your site any time when it's free, because if does not belong to you. If you have your own domain and hosting, it's all yours and nobody has any control over it.


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            I completely agree with Arthur. I mean, it's okay and fun to have a blog if you are just having a hobby. However, if you want to build a successful business, you will want to invest in it.