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Affiliates that work with newbies?

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  • Affiliates that work with newbies?

    I've started a product review website and have been working on it steadily. I don't have a lot of traffic though. A problem I'm having is finding an affiliate that will approve newbies who are just getting started. Are there any out there?

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    You should be able to make affiliate commissions with the Amazon Associates program. You just need to submit your information and wait for approval, which I think is pretty easy to get.


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      I haven't tried them yet. I just assumed it would be tough to get into that affiliate program because Amazon is so popular. Thanks for the tip!


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        Amazon is actually the easiest one I know of. They have so much going on in that company and they try to make this easy for people who have never done it before so they, in turn, can make more money.

        Jeff Bezos is no slouch.


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          There are a lot of programs that would suit your needs. If you can, try out a few one at a time. Try one for a year, drop it, try another, all the while keep searching for the niche you're good at, a program that is "easy on the eyes" so to speak and before long, you'll find what fits you best.


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            If you're seeing a bunch of rejections, Sarah, it could mean that you need more content. Focus on adding content to your blog for a while then apply to be an affiliate again.