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  • Your First Affiliate Platform?

    What was the first affiliate network or program you got started with when you were a beginner? For me, it was ClickBank. In fact, I still use ClickBank after so many years blogging and selling affiliate products. I think it's one of the best platforms out there.

    What about you?

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    I started with either Commission Junction or Amazon Associates, it's hard to remember exactly which came first. Commission Junction was easy to start with and Amazon Associates had tons of products I could link to in order to earn through their affiliate program.


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      I also started with ClickBank back in the day, and it helped in initial research with products I wanted to sell in my niche. I use it to date, and it remains an excellent option for all affiliates, irrespective of their level of expertise.


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        I just got started with affiliate marketing a few months ago, so I am still struggling to decide which affiliate network is best for me. Is ClickBank really a good place for beginners?


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          I have also gotten started with ClickBank back in the day. It just seems to be the best platform for beginners. You don't need approval for almost any offer, and you have a large selection of niches too.