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  • Little-known/unheard of programs to try

    Are there any little-known affiliate programs out there that are worth a try? Popular programs are easy to find, but sometimes there's a hidden gem or two that stay under the radar.

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    Outgrow. There web presence is less than a year old and you won't find them until page 5 of the Google results pages. That qualifies as small in my small in my book.

    They do have a pop-up chat box on their main page. Just an FYI.


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      What you say is true, but most of the time, you will have to dabble from one 'small' affiliate to the other in search of the ideal one. A successful affiliate marketer strives to find the program with an outstanding commission structure, as opposed to those that produce one-of commissions of little value. Have you heard of Shopify?


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        I wasn't aware that Shopify was small anymore. But if you really want to make inroads here, double it up on Facebook. This is something to work towards for next season now that I think about it.


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          Don Kyle, Outgrow is a new one to me. Great tip! I'll check them out.

          Ian James, I don't have an online store and I was under the impression that the program worked best for those that did. I guess I could send a reader to a Shopify store, but I'd probably make more by cutting Shopify out and linking directly to the store itself assuming I'm an affiliate. Am I missing something?


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            Ian James, if a person creates B2B content, then Shopify would really be ideal as the commissions are generous. Are they picky about accepting people into their affiliate program?