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  • Don't forget your disclosure policy

    The FTC requires us to disclose our financial relationship with the products and brands that we share and promote whether it's through blogging, through social media, or through another platform. I've seen so many new affiliate marketers race ahead without including the disclosure. That's bad news because it can open you up to a hefty fine from the FTC and a permanent ban from the affiliate program involved in your marketing.

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    That's a good point that you've made and a good reminder, but I wonder why celebs don't get in trouble for breaching the rules. You see the Kardashians hawking products all over Instagram and Twitter without disclosing that they're getting paid to do so.
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      But are they getting paid to do so? And if they are, is it more of an endorsement type deal rather than basic marketing? I believe the spirit of the rule was geared more towards us than endorsements.


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        The Kardashians and other celebs have been called out and reported for not clearly marking their social media posts as endorsements. I have no idea how it played out. At the end of the day, though, those folks have plenty of money to defend themselves and their reputation won't be destroyed by that behavior. On the other hand, not marking posts correctly and getting in trouble could be a major blow to the average affiliate marketer. It's not worth it. Plus, I think it's just a matter of integrity. I have no reason to hide my affiliate relationship and I'm going to follow the law.


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          Ha! That's a good point, Simone Davis and very true. We'd probably have to take up a collection to bail the other one out.

          I make sure to follow the rules, but when I see someone who doesn't, I never know whether they just don't know any better and would appreciate a quick heads-up or whether they'll be offended if I try to warn them. How do you guys typically handle it?