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Be Mindful Of Your Server

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  • Be Mindful Of Your Server

    A server could be the difference between making money and not. Too many people have told me that they had a website for 2 or 3 years and not made a single dime. After digging around for the reasons why, they found that the server was the issue. One person in particular changed their server and, withing a matter of a month, made a little over $100 USD in commissions. Skimping on server costs may not be worth it.

    Just thought I would pass along that little tip.

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    I just read this and started thinking about changing my server. I wouldn't mind spending more if the result was more commission. What would you say was causing them not to make a single dime? As an affiliate marketer, it is best to go for a dedicated server but also have a list of the requirements you may need!