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  • That first sale

    I've been floating on cloud nine since I got my first sale last week. I created a review about luxury makeup, created an affiliate link to Amazon, and received a commission through Amazon Associates. It was just one sale, but it's a start and it really has me pumped. Do you remember yours?

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    Congratulations, Sarah! Take advantage of that extra motivation to propel yourself even further. If you haven't already created a business account on social media, why not add one as your next step? I'll never forget my first sale. It was a bag of cat food when Purina was in the process of changing the formula. I don't remember which affiliate program I used though.


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      Good job Sarah! We're proud of you. Auto Zone was mine and Commission Junction was the end around of sorts. It was a rush. Part of me couldn't believe it actually paid off while the other part of me believed it was just a matter of time.