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  • Your fallback topic and format

    It doesn't often happen, but there are times when I'm not feeling well or I'm just not inspired, but I still need to produce some decent content. When that happens, I usually fall back to list creation. Sometimes I take the obvious route, "The Top 5 Lifestyle Apps for Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone." Sometimes I go for something a little more wild, "The Top 3 out of This World Cat Litter Boxes That You've Never Seen Before." I think lists are my fallback because they're so amiable to affiliate marketing. What's your standard topic and format when you aren't feeling your best?

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    My fallback is Op-Ed style pieces on social issues. I stay away from politics though. Too toxic in nature.

    For instance, if there is a sudden spike in fatal drunk driving accidents I'll put my opinion for solutions in the ring. The affiliate tie-in could be safety products for vehicles.


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      I do photos with captions when I'm rushed for time. Sometimes I can include an affiliate link and sometimes it just won't work. I only include one if it makes sense of course.


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        I haven't begun creating content yet, but I've thought about what happens when you become sick or are too busy with the day job. Personally, I love to read Op-Ed pieces about social issues and never would've guessed some writers use that as their easy format. That's awesome, Don Kyle


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          This discussion got me thinking about the importance of versatility and having a fall-back plan. Online advertising has matured and growing a brand requires strategy, time and a great ton of hustle. Being an affiliate marketer (in my view) requires creativity and a sense of urgency all the time.


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            I run a dog training/kenneling/grooming business. I usually write informative pet articles for my business website, but when I'm phoning it in, I interview the dogs.


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              Christmas related financial advice. Christmas is the biggest
              spending holiday there is, so budgeting should be year round.

              The amount of financial budgeting classes is almost limitless.