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  • Security Measures

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how seriously would you say you take the security of either your site or the site of others that you frequent?

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    About an 8 or 9. I guess it depends on how you're judging it, but I think many people ignore basic security precautions. I sandbox my blog and my computer, I keep everything updated, and I don't add a bunch of themes or plugins that I can't control. I audit my system regularly. I'd say I'm doing better than average, especially for an old gal. What about you, Frank Jeffers?


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      I'm torn. My websites aren't self-hosted, I don't gather sensitive information, and I use the appropriate security protection, so I hope it's as safe as possible. I'd give it a 7. When it comes to browsing the web though, I'm not that safe. I say that because I don't routinely use an ad blocker and I've heard that malware is often injected through ads. I keep everything updated to hopefully minimize the risk but I can't bring myself to use an ad blocker since I rely on ad revenue myself. I'd give my personal habits a 6.


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        I would say 10 for my site and 8 for other websites that I frequent. Like @Simone Davids says, a lot of people ignore precautions that are easy to implement.