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  • Best piece of professional advice

    What is the best piece of professional advice that you've ever received. It can relate to affiliate marketing or not, anything goes.

    Mine was, "Always get it in writing," as told to me by my first boss.

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    Gosh, there have been so many nuggets handed down to me that it's hard to choose the best. I guess the one that's a bit unique was given by my dad, "Do what puts food on the table, until doing what you love puts food on the table." I found that pretty confusing until I hit my 20s and saw what he meant. I followed his advice too. I kept my nursing credentials up and continued on with my nursing career until my love (content creation and affiliate marketing) was putting food on the table.


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      "You have to learn to LIKE to work". I thought it was hogwash at first, but I saw the light years after. This can apply to anything you do from brick laying to coding.


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        I have gotten a lot of great advice in my life. However, when it came to online marketing, the best piece of advise I have ever gotten was: "build a list" and I still live by that until today.