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    Do you believe that modelling yourself after someone who is successful the right approach? If so, who do you model yourself after? Who is your off-hands mentor?

    Keeping in mind that this person does not have to be in the affiliate world

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    Modelling yourself after someone successful is advisable, not to necessarily be like them, but to learn from their pitfalls. Other people opt for coaching programs from their mentors. I have read about Geno Prussakov on many platforms. Have you heard about him before?


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      I would much rather model myself after someone who is successful than someone who is not. Their style would have to be somewhat in line with mine though.


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        I haven't found an affiliate marketing mentor, but I've had the good fortune of knowing wonderful mentors while I've worked with them over the years. It certainly helps lay a good foundation and I'm very appreciative of that.


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          I believe it's the right approach for some, but not all. I like to do things, or model my behavior after, in accordance to mindsets and practices that work well for me.


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            I've heard good things about Lesley Stevens. If you're looking for one though, keep this in mind. Some of these people run businesses that employ many people, so even if you see a certain name on a landing page that doesn't mean that is who the mentor is going to be. Have you seen ads for big lawyer services? Same thing. The face you see on T.V. may be the one who owns the firm, but that's not the lawyer you get.