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  • Motivation

    I enjoy working from home most of the time, but today it's been hard to get going. Do you ever have days like that? What's your motivation to keep hustling?

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    Hey there, Sarah! I'm a bit of a workaholic, so I can't really relate, but I think you should take a break if that's what you need. Take a couple days off and you'll come back refreshed and better than ever.


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      Hey Sarah. Money. Money is that answer. When I'm feeling sluggish I make the coffee extra strong, look at my ledger of expenses and that's about all it takes for me.


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        Knowing that if I don't push myself, no one else will. I have been doing online moneymaking for about 10 years now and that plays into this. The longer you do this the easier it is to stay motivated because working in this fashion becomes a habit.


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          I think this is something that happens to everyone. I am a beginner in the affiliate marketing field and still learning a lot as I go, so sometimes I feel discouraged. What keeps me going is thinking that one day I will be able to do it full time! That's my biggest motivation.