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Incorporating the Super Bowl

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  • Incorporating the Super Bowl

    The Super Bowl is coming up on Feb. 2 with a showdown between the 49ers and the Chiefs. It's a highly searchable event on Google and social media, so it could be good for affiliate marketing. Did you incorporate the game into your marketing strategy? I shared some crowd pleasing recipes that are perfect for munching on during the Super Bowl. I added affiliate links to Target and Walmart for the ingredients and cookware.

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    Investing companies might make a good match. You put a good chunk of change on a team that is far from a sure bet, you beat the spread and find a nice payday at the end. You're going to want someone like Fidelity to help guide that windfall in the right direction.


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      Targeting big events as part of your marketing strategy is a great way to have a spike in traffic and sales. I would definitely do that if my niche is related.


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        I wrote an article about the people food that's dangerous for dogs and linked to the grill I used to make the food. The next day I wrote about guests who are fearful of dogs and how to keep the dogs corralled and safe so everyone could enjoy the Super Bowl shenanigans. I linked to some temporary gates, fences, and kennels. I also linked to some toys that will distract the dogs, so they don't bark and whine the whole time.


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          I blogged for a couple of days about the Super Bowl in order to generate traffic. I didn't add affiliate links as it would've seemed insincere coming from me. Plus, I'm still using the free WordPress platform, so I'm keeping my affiliate links to a minimum for now.