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  • Advanced strategies and techniques

    Beyond the usual beginner tips and tricks that are commonly discussed, what are some advanced strategies and techniques that you've used to capture that sweet, sweet affiliate money?

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    I often feel like the elite gurus who have earned millions from their affiliate marketing work are holding back on us when it comes to teaching us how to do it. I can't say that I blame them though. I'll have to come back to this one once I've thought about it for a while to make sure my tip is worthy.


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      The best advanced strategy there is is time in the game. Years and years of experience. This allows you to weather changes, gauge what works for you and what doesn't, notice what types of businesses stick around or not and then learn from all of those as to how best to make the most money you can.

      I think the reason that the guru's don't share their road, so to speak, is that they know different tricks work for different people. They could share what worked for them, but when someone tries it and it doesn't work for them, all of a sudden the guru turns into a crackpot.


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        Rob Porter I've always felt that way too. You know they're holding back.

        I'll bite. I think it's handy to track which of your outreach materials are bringing you traffic and affiliate clicks. Are they shopping through the affiliate links on your blog, in your newsletter, in your social media posts, or elsewhere? Track it so you'll know where to concentrate your efforts and where you might need to improve.