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Be Involved With What You Know Best

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  • Be Involved With What You Know Best

    I heard some investing advice years ago that said just that and it made a lot of sense to me. The same rule can be applied here. If you are somewhat of an expert in all things environmental but know nothing about the current dating scene, stick with what you know. Dating may make you more commissions, but not if you come across as knowing nothing about the topic.

    What are you best at? Making any money with it?

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    I agree with you. When choosing a niche, it is best to stick to something you know a lot about, or are at least interested in. If you have no interest, you will get bored soon enough!


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      Real Estate. I'm not raking it in yet , but I do make money. There is a lot of competition but I enjoy the field so that makes this that much easier.