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  • Tracking ROI

    How do you guys track your return on investment when it comes to affiliate marketing? In the past, I included the time it took me to produce the content with my affiliate links as well as any money I spent on advertising and compared it to how much money that content generated. I wonder if I should consider more factors though.

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    What about including any hosting/website fees, giveaways, and accounting work? I'm new to affiliate marketing, but I plan to consider all those when determining my ROI.


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      I just track the basics that revolve around that one campaign. That includes any fees to bolster traffic, the time it took to produce and edit the content, the time it took to answer any of my reader's questions, and any money spent on giveaways. I compare that number to how much money it brought in and I consider how much money it might generate in the future.


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        I normally issue an income report each and every month where I list my expenses and compare them to my income. That's how I calculate my profit.