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Using webinars as affiliate platform

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  • Using webinars as affiliate platform

    Has anyone tried using a webinar as a platform for sharing your affiliate links? I'd cover a topic like dog sitting or opening a dog sitting business. I've thought about adding the links to the class materials, so they're easy to click on.

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    I've only tried it once and it took more work than it was worth in my opinion. I probably could've done better had I kept at it though. If you go this route, pick a topic that's easy to understand and break the topic down into small portions.


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      I've considered doing this, but I'm extremely cautious because I've taken webinars before and never felt moved to click on a link, fill out a form, or buy a product that was mentioned. I see the potential, but it could also be a time suck.


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        I have never attended any webinars where the host shared affiliate links. Normally, webinars are a way to sell your own high ticket product or service.

        It sounds like an interesting way to make affiliate sales though.


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          I have hosted quite a few webinars where I pushed some high ticket affiliate offers. I didn't do many of those, but they did bring in quite a good amount of money.