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    When a person writes an article for a blog on real estate trends, that is an evergreen topic. A topic that never goes out of style. But what about products? Like eyeglasses for example. People will always need them and many people don't like contacts. So what are some examples of "evergreen products" that you can think of that are in line with the style of blog you have?

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    There are a lot of evergreen products that have been selling online for years and will still sell for years to come. One example in my industry would be a good course on how to get started blogging. The information may evolve and more tips could be added, but this is a topic that will always sell because so many people want to start a blog.


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      Aspirin. How long has that been around? True, there is nothing sexy or overtly sellable about aspirin, but people will always have questions about it as long as the people who do studies publish their studies. Having a blog that talks about aspirin in ways that have never or seldom been done before is a good way to clicks happening.