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Google Adwords anyone?

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  • Google Adwords anyone?

    Is this still the go-to place when you are just starting out in affiliate marketing? The name recognition and known legitimacy alone used to be enough to draw first-timers. Do you think it still is?

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    I'm brand new to affiliate marketing, but I think Google recently changed the rules and now Adwords is not effective for affiliate promotions. You would have no control over what the ad said anyway and that's another mark against it. I could be wrong, though. Hopefully someone else with more experience will answer.


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      Sometime back, Google AdWords used to be the largest PPC network out there. Large enterprises would use it to generate traffic to their websites. Whether or not it is still as effective, is the big question.


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        Now they are called Google Ads. I have been in the industry for over 10 years but only used them back in the day when I got started. Now, I only use the YouTube Ads part of the network. They are very effective and not expensive at all!