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  • Niche Nightmares :D

    I keep hearing about niches and I have read a lot of information on the internet, but I am still confused about how to choose a niche. How did you choose your niche? Has it worked for you so far?

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    I started by writing a list of things I was either already passionate about or wanted to learn more about. Then I started googling to see whether the field was already crowded. If it was, I went to the next one on my list. To be honest though, I was just stumbling along as an amateur.


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      Hey Simone! Thanks for taking the time to answer my question! I have traveled a lot back in the day, so I was wondering if this would be a good place to get started? What are your thoughts?


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        We all excel at something and we all have things we enjoy doing. Start there. Start with what you know. This is a hard business to make it in, so go easy on yourself and choose what you know.