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travel affiliate websites without hosting fees forever

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  • travel affiliate websites without hosting fees forever

    I can make a travel affiliate website with white label travelpayouts using the blogger platform. The website that I made is integrated with a travel affiliate networks. You don't need to provide hosting, you only need to provide a domain and also a gmail account.

    Website Features:
    • SSL free forever.
    • No hosting fees forever.
    • Custom URL shortener.
    • Custom email domain.
    • Integrated with Whitelabel.
    • Mobile friendly.
    • Whatsapp chat.
    • Website translation.
    Packages included: Hotel, Flight, Car rentals, & Blog.


    Price: $25

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    Wow that sample site looks nice. What kind of affiliate program is that? And how come we don't need to pay for hosting? Could you maybe give some more details?


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      hello, sorry I was long inactive.
      the website that we will make using an affiliate program from travelpayouts,, etc.
      why do I say there is no need to buy hosting, because I use the platform that costs nothing when using it. plus is owned by google so it's very safe and the website is never down. same as which is also free but for the custom domain feature you have to pay every month.

      to make your travel website only provide a domain and gmail account, the rest I will create a travelpayouts account and other accounts. and you need to also tell me your home address for me to use to register on an affiliate account. and I will also install it on the website.